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Last 30 Global WTB or WTS (New)

abdo________wtb silver for arena
abdo________wtb sil
abdo________WTB silver for arene
GrizmanWtb silver for Arena
GarriezWTB MBot Le Ghaz Rmat 4 nos5h XP el hygbo hdelo coins
RespectRuleswtb 7 ticket card
RespectRulesWTB 7 Ticket Cards
RespectRuleswtb 7 Ticket Card
RespectRulesWTB Ticket Card
_Bano_WTB Pvp INT on coin pm me
IHardWTS items Galive 100% baled 100% shield 100 avtar 2h 100%
RespectRuleswtb 2h +21 for good offer fast
GangScorewtb pvp axe 2h on coins or for fun .
GangScoreWTB pvp
WTBAnyWhoWTB name Mbot good asl my mbot joySro bs m4 3aoz y4t8al ay 7d pm me
_Bano_WTB Glaive / + shield Chinse + blader for good offer pm me
IHardWTB Set chine +19 100% and accessory +19 100%
PePsSIwts staf 21 stat 100% style /WTS 20k arena for copper or sillver and gold coin pm me
PePsSIwtB silver gold coin for arena pm me WTB copper 1k=10k arena pm me
GrizmanWtb Arena for copper 66
_SanDora__wts ataff + 21 80% for copper
_Bano_WTB Smart Players For Join At Guild HighVoltagee For Fortress War For Fun Good.Luck
abdo________wtb silver for arena
abdo________Wtb silver for Arena
_Bano_WTS Avatar Donator Name BaBa Benz New in Game For Female or Offer PM Me
FBI2003wtb any funnnn
IHardWTB STAFF +21 100% For STAF +21 80% and 2h +21 80% Styel D15
RespectRuleswtb middle man
dJJl_pJLcJlWTB STAF +21 100% For 2 weapon +21 80% staf and 2h styel D15
_SanDora__wts ataff + 21 80% for copper
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